Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Greetings from the land of snoring!

What a crazy 10 days we have had here! Plenty of sleepless nights and plenty of things to laugh about...because we would be crying if it weren't so funny. Oliver's surgery went well....he was so brave and acted like such a big boy. When the nurse came in to ask him what he was there for he said, "I am here to have my septum repaired and my tonsils and adenoids out." Just like that! She smiled and brought her friends back to see this curly haired, brown eyed little boy. At one point before he went back he pulled me close and said, "Mom, I am just really, really nervous." The Dr was pleased with how the surgery went and was on his way then left us in recovery with a hysterical little boy who was so scared and hurting. We were on our way home in 2 hours. Have you ever tried to get a very smart and articulate 5 year old to drink and take nasty medicine without a fight? I want to hear from you if you have made this work without losing your cool at least once! We have used every bribe we could ever think of and at one point last week, this calm and cool mama lost it. I mean really lost it....I was screaming at Oliver how ridiculous this was that he would not drink and how he HAD to drink this NOW and take this medicine RIGHT NOW! Not pretty....as I was yelling I was once again in awe of how I could let a 5 year old control my emotions so well. Zoe came running up the steps and wondered aloud, "What is eerone yellin bout?" Both Oliver and I were crying at this point. I apologized and he drank and took the medicine. By this point I was hoping for someone to start yelling at me to take some medicine!

He is doing better after an overnight stay in the hospital on Saturday for some IV steroids, IV fluid and oxygen. I was teary last night when I went into his room and heard that for the first time I can remember he was breathing quietly...let me say that again....quietly through his nose. He is still waking up at night 3 or 4 times becsue his throat hurts, but I think he is getting better. Being up at night makes me even more anxious to have a hungry baby in my arms in those wee hours of the morning.....for now I will have to settle for a crying 5 year old with dragon breath refusing to take some more Tylenol at 3am! I do love him so much!

Just 2 funny stories from our time....On Wednesday night last week we heard Oliver crying upstairs and knew Roark was with him. Josh and I ran up the stairs ready to pounce on whoever was hurting Oliver! The boys were standing in the bathroom wiping the blood from Oliver's mouth....Roark pulled Oliver's barely loose tooth in just a few yanks! Brings new meaning to just wanting to hurt yourself when you feel so bad! Oliver was so proud of this new space in his mouth. A bit later I walked by the trash can and saw something white with blood spots all over it. Hmmm...as I unfolded this I discovered it was the underwear Roark had on that day! After asking our budding dentist a few questions I discovered that Roark had used this pair of dirty underwear to pull Oliver's tooth! Gross! The next day Oliver asked for his popsicle stick, quietly went upstairs and a while later returned with another tooth in his hand and announced that he used the popsicle stick to push his tooth out! These 2 boys are going to always going to keep us on our toes!

A few days later I was mixing up medicine for Oliver and for the first time he saw me mix 2 kinds into the same syringe. He was horrified and I stammered and told him I had been doing this all week and it was just like one kind of medicine. He looked at me with big tears in his eyes and said in the saddest voice ever,"Mom, this is the first time you have ever lied to me and I can't believe it." Poor Oliver!

So, we are coming out of the land of snoring and hopefully into some more sleep filled nights. I am continuing to wrestle with my fears and have finally scheduled our "Big Ultrasound" for the 15th. I am nervous, but trying to remember that He will never leave us or forsake us. I just so want to have good news and be able to start telling people that there is another one on the way here and it is going to be a healthy baby. The times I start questioning God and wondering what he is doing and why I am reminded of his response to Job after he is trying to "figure out" what GOD is doing and why all this has happened to him. God so eloquently reminds Job who he is and even asks him if he was there when HE laid the foundations of the earth. Was Job the one who told the sun to rise, told the stars where to go, could he raise his voice and tell the clouds to flood where you stand, do the lightening bolts report to you? I have to chuckle when I read this and then am so thankful that I am not in charge of all those things and so many others. GOD is and he is good. God even cares where and how the ostrich lays her eggs.....He is so much bigger than I could ever imagine and does care about all those seemingly little things that swirl around in my head, but who am I to question why he does what he does?! We are at his mercy and do want him to do what he wants with us...even when it hurts. But, I do know he loves us and treats us so tenderly even when we do question. He is quietly calming my heart and I am trusting him. In the end Job continued to trust God with all of his heart and blessed him with more then he ever sould have even imagined....God even doubled the number of children he had...he had 20 children with him when he went to heaven! We are trusting and hoping with all hope for the best report ever about this baby next week.


Kari Z. Murphy said...


Keeping you close in prayer that God would give you peace beyond understanding over the next week during the waiting!

And , oh!, what a couple of weeks you have had! I'm afraid I would have been tempted to run away!

Much love to you!

In Christ alone,

Sophie said...

I hate it that I haven't been able to help you these past few weeks- now that we're over our colds...I'll see you soon. And I can't wait to see O's new gappy smile!
Love you- S

rock said...

Laura, the whole getting the kid to take medicine "game" is enough to make any parent lose their cool. Kim and I have on occasion resorted to the "pry his/her mouth open, shove the medicine in and then hold their mouth closed while yelling SWALLOW! SWALLOW!" method. I prefer to just put a pill in some yogurt or something and tempt them with the creamy treat. Caden at the age of six will now take ibuprofen with just a glass of water though. I guess our kids have had plenty of practice. Anyway, we'll be praying that Oliver continues to heal well. And for your ultrasound on the 15th.

Incedently, Caden lost his first tooth while we were camping in Colorado last september. He let me pull it out with a pliers! That was actually a joke that my dad used to use on us when we were kids. We'd run screaming. Caden simply sat down on the couch and opened his mouth for me to yank it out. The funny part of it is that while we were cleaning up after dinner later that evening someone accidently threw it away because he had wrapped it in a paper towel. We spent the rest of the evening digging through the trash trying to find his newest treasure. We never did so I had to give him $20 to get him to queit down. $5 for his lost tooth just wouldn't do it.

Its hilarious that Oliver pushed his own tooth out with a popscile stick! Caden earily this year knocked his second one out with a spring loaded dart gun. He'd pull the spring back and then put the barrel of the toy gun to his tooth and pull the trigger. A few tries and out it came.

Tell, Josh I said hi and really enjoyed meeting him. Hopfully, we can all get together again sometime...under better circumstances.

Shanygne said...

wow... I can't believe I haven't had you blog on my list to check up on all the time... sorry! I am glad to hear O's story...isn't that coming out of anesthesia just wonderful??