Monday, September 24, 2007

Time to catch up time flying! Lucy is almost 3 months old! I can hardly believe it.....she continues to be such a joy to all of us. Cooing at her brothers and sister, melting her mama's and daddy's heart. Each time I look at her I am reminded of God's faithfulness through the joys as well as the sorrows. Seems like the sadness and questions have been popping up again lately for me. Not sure what the trigger is but as usual, I am just going with it. Pressing into the pain and letting His garment envelop my sore heart. SO thankful for His mercies that are new every morning.

She is still in the bassinet in our room at night and I am loving it! I know, I know, she is 3 months old and needs to be in her own bed! She'll be in there eventually but for now I am loving listening to the baby noises she makes at night and jumping at the chance to feed her in the wee hours of the morning. It is the only quiet time we have together and I love it! We listen to the owls and coyotes in the field and I look into her big, blue eyes and try not to talk to her. She is such a little grunter when she eats and sighs so cute too. I never thought I would like 3am as much as I do! Lucy and I pray for our friends and I treasure every little puff of air she blows on my cheek. I treasure each little noise and remember how quiet it was last year this time at 3am! Oh my heart is so full and being touched so softly by my sweet Jesus.