Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Can it really be the day before Thanksgiving? I so want time to just slow down a bit.....I want to be intentional about remembering how much I have to be thankful for. Not just tomorrow but each list is so long. I must say at the top of my list is the precious baby in the pumpkin! Lucy continues to bring so much joy into our lives....and into the lives of our other precious kids! One night this week while we were eating dinner and Lucy was laying in her bouncy seat...she begin to fuss. All at once 5 other chairs scooted out from the table to see what the baby needed! It melts my heart to see how attentive they are to her.
I am also thankful for a holiday season that our hearts will be a bit lighter. Last year was so hard...still in deep grief over Pearl and very newly pregnant with Lucy. Wondering if we would ever have another baby in the house again. I didn't even want to go to the gorcery store much less the mall....just to hard. I am thankful that I feel like celebrating this time of year....thankful the shadows are not always big and dark. Not to say the shadows are not there sometimes....just getting easier to see around them.
I am thankful for the friends and family we have around us who continue to love us so well and continue to laugh and cry with us. Without these people life would be so hard and pretty boring! We have been blessed with so much and I want to remember all these things even when life seems hard and busy. I want to be reminded to slow down and treasure all the gifts.....