Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just found this

Nothing in this world, no treasure man could buy
Could take the place of drawing near to You
There’s nothing I want more than to spend my days with You
Dwelling in Your secret place of praise
(And) oh, how I need You Jesus, I need You
You are the One that satisfies
You are the One that satisfies
~ Nothing In This World, Written by Tim Hughes©1998 Thankyou Music / PRS / Admin. by Songs for the world excluding the UK and Europe which is admin. by Kingsway

Just found this on another blog I like to


Sophie said...

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just read some of your blog and want you to know that I appreciate you honesty so much. Fear and doubt are something we all face from time to time...I don't think we would be honest with ourselves if we deny that. But, it's amazing how many people do!! We all "think" in in our hearts, I appreciate you being able to "voice" it.

I am so very happy for you as you anticipate a new member of the family. Nothing will ever take the place of Pearl...and I know you will always miss her. Your heart will always be broken and ache for your sweet little girl. I pray that God will show you Pearl through this new little one and you will know that she is always with you.

Praying for you...

Kari Z. Murphy said...

How did Oliver's surgery go? Have been praying for all of you!
with love in Christ,