Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Lots to talk about, but no energy to sit here and put all my thoughts together! Everyone here is sick and a bit on the crabby side too...including me, imagine that! We are on day 5 of all this. Oliver is having surgery on Friday to repair his septum, tonsils and adneoids out....he needs to be 100%!! Please pray that we will all be better going into this and if we shouldn't do this we would know what to do. I'll update later...time to go turn a movie on and close my eyes with the kids.


Kim said...

Wow!! We will definately be praying for your family. We went thru that about a month ago. It should be considered some kind of abuse or something since it is so aweful having a house full of sickies!

Kari Z. Murphy said...

Praying, Laura!

I also wanted to tell you that not long ago I sat and read through every single one of your posts (I think) in one sitting. I just had no words to say. I just wanted to sit next to you. Just sit. Not talk. Not say anything. Just "be." Sometimes I think it is the best thing we can do for a friend who hurts. It's the one downfall of these blogging friendships --- how often I can't just "be" with the person. But know you are thought of, and prayed for. Often.

In Christ alone,