Thursday, January 04, 2007

"PilDrums" Progress

Roark and I have been reading aloud what he calls, "Pildrums Progress". Known to the rest of the world as "Pilgrims Progress". I remember starting this book when I was little but never getting to the end. Last night we finally finished the book! I wept as we read the last few pages, I think the boys were wondering what was wrong with me now. Christian and Hopeful, after a long and tiring journey were in the land right before they reached the gates of heaven. They had to cross over a raging river and then get the gates to open. Hopeful knew that after all they had been through they would be able to cross the river. Christian on the other hand was not sure he was going to be able to do this because the water was deep as raging. The man that stood at the waters edge told them it was only as deep as they believed it to be. I loved that.... They started crossing and Christian started freaking our. Hopeful was trying to encourage him as we walked because his feet were on solid ground...he was remembering all the ways The Prince (Jesus) has helped him along the journey and he knew he would not fail him as he came to the gates of heaven. Christian was doubting if he was going to make it, water swirling and the ground was no where to be felt. This is how I can feel so often...when I take my eyes off Jesus and doubt how I am ever going to make it. Hopeful came along side him and encouraged him to remember all the things The Prince had done for him....just like so many others have done for me. As soon as Christian began to remember there was solid ground beneath his feet. He was standing on a firm foundation because he had hope, hope that The Prince was going to lead him safely home and be true to his word that He would never leave him or forsake him. This is the solid foundation that lies beneath our feet when the waves threaten to overtake us. When the water seems to deep we need to remember what we are standing on. Because of His great love we are not consumed....I am holding onto that promise as the waves seem to be coming in. I want to swim out further past where the waves crash and just jump up as the swells begin to form. There is a safe place....the hiding place when all around the waves are crashing. This story of Christian and Hopeful moved my heart last night...I even dreamt about it. Roark told me he did too! There is a solid foundation beneath my feet...I just need to stand on that!


The MacMurchy Fam said...

Laura Jean - You so rock! Your candor and insight belie your young age. I love you so and now we're in touch on each other's evolving Blogs. Who knew?
I wanted to surprise you on the MacMurchy Blog with the beautiful picture of you and Pearl by a poem I wrote called Surprised By Joy. When you read it, you'll see how the photo of you holding Pearl's tiny feet, fits the words. I cannot get it to download after trying a number of times. Do you have that pic on digital (the one you sent as thank you's) and you could download it into my blog if I gave you the password stuff. If this is too hard for you, LJ, don't even worry. I love you for always. care

Anonymous said...

Laura, your commentary reminds me of a quote I have written on the back of notebook from college.

"Hope is Faith holding out its hand in the dark." Sorry I don't remember who wrote it.

Faith I think is something that we learn. It grows in us. It gives hope substance. But hope is always in us. Sometimes we don't know its there because we're overwhelmed by what we see around us. As you put it, "There has been a peace and a hope that settle in my heart sometimes...when I am not fighting it." I have no idea what its like to loose a child. I can only imagine. In those moments that you feel like you can't get through, remember the hope that is within you.