Saturday, September 23, 2006

She's dancing...

This afternoon we got the call that Grandma ran into the arms of Jesus at 5:04pm. Our hearts received this news with so many mixed emotions. Sad, jealous, happy....and many others. As we talked about who she was to us we were reminded of her sweet and gentle spirit. She loved so big and so well. We will miss her so much...but then we are reminded of who she is with. I think tonight she is dancing with Jesus, Grandpa Joe and Pearl. Do you think they have video cameras in heaven? I would love to see that one when I get there....until then we can only wait patiently and continue to live the example she set for us.


Anonymous said...

She is holding PJ's hand!

Love ya

Ashley said...

Hey Laura, bring tears to my eyes with your beautiful writing. You've helped me gain perspective on a lot of things lately...Thanks for being you, no matter what you're going through.