Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Settling in

Thanks so much for praying for me....I do feel as if I am settling into the fall routine and feeling better about getting String of Pearls launched. I am speaking at a conference this weekend about our time with Pearl as well as the basics of Perinatal Hospice. I do have most of my talk figured out...just need to do some more fine tuning. Keep praying for me when you think about it! I know this is going to be an incredible opportunity to tell our story and make others aware of resources available to families who are walking this difficult road.

I am bringing everyone to the conference this weekend...in a beautiful city in the mountains! It will be good for us to be away all together with no distractions. My talk is early Saturday morning, so we will have time to play too. R is a little nervous about me telling our story....he wanted to know if I was going to cry. I told him I probably would but I would be ok. He is having a hard time adjusting to school....I was praying for him last week and felt like I needed to let his teacher know some of the history at our house. I am not using our history as an excuse for attitude but I felt like he was afraid to leave the girls and I at home. I had a good talk with his teacher and a good talk with R as well. I know he is worried bout leaving L all day...most mornings he says to me, "Mom, make sure L doesn't walk today without me and make sure the basement door is closed." Today I left the girls with a baby sitter and he couldn't believe I was going to let "L crawl around all day while I wasn't home with her. Will you make sure she is safe with the babysitter?" Poor boy is so worried about L. We have been praying for the fear to not take root in his heart and for him to be peaceful and content. I know grieving is a process and sometimes I forget how deeply my kids have been affected by the loss of Pearl too. They don't even know why they are feeling those anxious, fearful thoughts....this is a good reminder for us to be praying for their hearts to be covered as well as wisdom to know how to talk with them and help them to be able to articulate how they are feeling. I guess this is the prayer we need to have for our own hearts too....this is all part of the journey.


Julie said...

Praying for you guys, praying for R—love his heart & keen mind. With you this weekend—God is all over this & so proud of you too. Keep sharing your heart, even when it's so hard. It means so much! You're gonna do great—all for His glory!

Miss y'all. . .too far away. Love you tons

Corie said...

Praying for you and this weekend! I know that you will do great and so many will be able to understand the walk many women go through to get to a joyful end. Praying for R, what a great brother he is. You are such a great mommy and an incredilbe friend.

zanesmommy said...

It is amazing to see how the loss of a sibling can effect the little ones so. I can tell that R is a great big brother. I will pray that God gives him the peace to trust God, while still being an awesome big brother. Good luck this weekend and thank you for all you are doing and have done.

Tamara said...

Wishing you all the best, will keep you in my thoughts! I know you will bee all that Christ has for you to be!