Monday, September 15, 2008

My button!

MCK mama made me my own button for String of Pearls and her sweet friend Jennisa at helped me get the button posted so you can add the button to your blog too!! Just copy the text in the small box and add it as a gadget to your sidebar on your blog. I am so thankful for all of the help they gave me.

So many have contacted us looking for information about String of Pearls. Please keep praying for these families..they are hurting and scared. We are so thankful we are able to let others know there is hope as they walk this journey.

Will you pray for me on Friday this week? I am going to present String of Pearls to the office where I went when I was pregnant with Pearl...and the other 4 kids too! This could be an emotional morning, but once again I am so honored to be able to present to the medical professionals that we want to work with them as a team to be able to offer women a choice! I continue to stand amazed at God's faithfulness to us on this journey.

I am continuing to ask Him for strength and courage to walk on this road...there are moments I am very tired, but then I hear the still small voice gently leading me forward and I can almost hear my Pearl saying, "I love you mama, I am proud of you." Then I can keep going...I am praying many of you will hear the sweet, gentle voice of Jesus as well and continue to walk the path you have so bravely chosen. You are not alone...we are cheering you on and I know your babies are too.


Carly said...

I just love it! I am going to look into getting one for the children's seashore :)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you too! I am honored to be your friend. God is using you in a spectacular way and it is wonderful to see you growing in Him. I miss you so much.

zanesmommy said...

You will be a blessing to the office on Friday. Will pray for strength and courage.

Amber and Luke said...

What an amazing testimony you have because of your obediance to Christ. I am praying for your ministry as you desire to be the hands and feet of the One who created you and created your preciuos Pearl.
I was so blessed to have so much support around me when I lost my daughter 3 months ago, but I know that there are so many out there who have no support, and feel like they have no options. I am excited to see String of Pearls make a difference in so many lives.
Amber Grover