Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our day

Thanks so much for praying! O's surgery went well....waking up from anesthesia was very difficult and so hard to watch my sweet boy scream for an hour. None of my mommy tricks worked so I just sat there and rubbed his curls. Not much sleep for us last night...I was so worried he was going to rub his nose and undo the surgeons hard work. Would it be mean if I had him in a hockey goalie helmet 24 hours a day for the nest 6 weeks?

Today was a bit crazy...a 7 year old who had surgery yesterday, a 4 year old who needed some serious attention and an adventurous 17 month old with a bottle of OPI "Tiptoe through the tulips" nail polish and a travertine tile floor! Hmmm quite a mess..I wonder if my husband will notice the pink hue to the tile?

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully tonight will be filled with a bit more sleep.


Carly said...

Oh this life is full of adventures isn't it.

Praying for calm to be wrapped around your home Laura. I glad your little guy is okay. Praying for peace and calm in his body and mind.

Love you

Carly x

P.S, We are going to try and transfer some funds from our paypal account to String of Pearls .... not quite sure if you can do it or not. We haven't had any money come into our personal bank account from our pay pal yet. It sure does take a while! My Dad is going to help me out with all that tonight. Speak to you soon!

boltefamily said...

Praying for all of you!

Aimee said...

Aw, sweet baby.

Glad he is doing good.


Tamara said...

Thinking of ya!

Corie said...

Nice!!!! Can't wait to veiw the floor. Good going their L! See you soon.