Monday, October 06, 2008

Lance in Aspen

Some of you may not know this about me but I love true athletes...cyclists, triathletes, runners and swimmers. I have so many sweet memories of watching the Tour de France growing up and going to the Coors Classic. We were so excited when we caught one of the water bottles the cyclists would throw off their bikes. I still have an autographed hat from one of the bike races a long time ago.

The summer Pearl died I spent many nights watching the Tour de France. Just hearing the voices of Al and Bob do the commentating for the race was so soothing to me. I knew they were going to be there all night and in between the moments the tears stopped I watched and cheered so loud for Floyd Landis. "Come on Floyd, you can do it!" His coach said that to him over and over again as he climbed the Alpe de Huez. Now, I know that it was discovered that Floyd used a performance enhancing drug as was disqualified and Oscar Pereiro received the title of winner. Anyway...Floyd had an incredible ride and it helped my heart so much to cheer the amazing athletes on.
Each summer the Tour is on I am glued to the TV at night catching up on the is a connection to me with the summer Pearl was here with us. Makes me feel so warm inside to be doing the same thing over again...lets me relive some of the feelings without the profound sadness. A tradition...J always laughs at me when I say that!
J had a conference in Aspen a few weeks ago, L and I went along for some great room service, extra time with J and a great afternoon at the Bliss Spa! It was a perfect weekend. The night before we left we heard Lance Armstrong (I know all of you know who he is!) was going to be racing in Snowmass the next morning. The race was in a relay form...each lap was 7 miles long with 1500 ft of climbing! Lance was part of a team and I was going to be there to watch one of my heroes race! I forfeited one more morning of room service, made J get up early, pack the car and drive the 15 min to Snowmass. I was like a little girl at the circus...I walked so fast just to see if we would get a peek. When we arrived the race had already started and we did not know what leg Lance was racing. The closer we got to the start I realized....there was Lance!! We slowly walked took a few pics and watched him start. I was giddy...we walked around, checked out the booths and decided to wait a few more min before we headed home. Suddenly, Lance starts coming down the hill to the hand off zone and then walks his bike over to the tent we are standing at. I smiled at him and squeezed L a little too tight because I was excited!

Ok, so this may not be a big deal to some...but for me it was God's little gift for me. The timing of being there when Lance was there was something only God could have done for us. Lance left to go to a private room as soon as he cooled down and was not seen again until his next lap 2 hours later. I so love it when little gifts land in our laps. I have learned to look for the little gifts more...sometimes we get so busy we forget to see the small treasures and get so upset when everything else seems so hard and confusing. I want to challenge you to look for the little gifts...the handfuls on purpose. They are just may take a more time,patience or creativity to find them.


mel said...

I'm so happy for you Laura!! Isn't it awesome what God does for us!!He's everywhere and in everything, even the smallest details:)

Carly said...

"Just hearing the voices of Al and Bob do the commentating for the race was so soothing to me. I knew they were going to be there all night"

Laura, what you wrote reminded me of the day Christian was born. It was Australia day and there were parties everywhere. 250 000 people went to the River to watch the Sky Show. There were 3 parties in my street and I knew that I would be able to hear people celebrating the whole night. It was comforting to hear such happiness. Now every year on Christian's birthday we get to have a day off work as it is a public holiday and we can watch the fireworks over the river.

Thank you for your post today, it reminded me that even though Christian's birthday maybe hard there are so treasures that will come along with it.

It was wonderful to find out a bit more about you and your interests!

mel said...

Hi Laura! I'm so glad you liked the picture's! It felt amazing writing Pearl's name and thinking of you!

I'd LOVE to come to Colorado!! I grew up there!! and moved to Oregon when I was 19!! I lived in Littleton for the first five yrs of my life..and I have fond memories!! Next time I make a trip to my "old stomping ground" I'll come visit you and write names in the Rocky Mountain snow!! Colorado holds a special place in my heart! Love to you, Melissa P.s. Here's my e-mail if you'd like to chat more!!

Shanygne said...

Loving you.... and so glad that you were able to partake in God's little gift to you...

Kenzie said...

Thank you for reminding me to look for those small treasures... God puts little things in our path and sometimes we simply miss them. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!

Love lots!

Caren or Danielle said...

"Handfuls on purpose." Wow, it was Alona that first taught me that liberating truth from Ruth's life. We talked about that occasionally in youth group, didn't we? Thanx for remembering the life-shaping Truths. Goodness...

LJ ~ You're getting some hit commotion on your blog, Sis! Wow, folks are tuning in. Love it!

Not sure how the Nov sighting rumor began but I'll be hosting Thanksgiving with Gabers and his fiancee, Elissa, and Joy and Nathaniel. Morgan won't get to be with us which is a heartbreak! And Danielle and Aaron will be at Aaron's folks in Danville, Ca.

Maybe next summer I'll slide through Colo; not sure what will unfold. But there will be PurposeFull Handfuls from the Father if we watch and wait and rejoice. They float my way constantly.
I love you Laura Jean. Thanx for being a Trophy of God's Design.


The Engelhardt 4 said...

woohoo!!! so glad you got to have a special gift from god!! i do often forget to thank him and to notice the little things he gives to me!! thanks for the reminder to stop and notice!!

and i must ask...did you get Lance's autograph?

Caren or Danielle said...

SWEET music, Laura! Love Norah...

You'll show me how to do the tunes on my blog, right? When I cross over into Littleton next summer if the Lord wills and the creek don't rise.