Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is it summer yet?

I cannot tell you how many blogs I have had brewing on my head....just nothing I can write down yet.   I have not forgotten about the sweet families I like to check in on.  I pray for so many of them.  There are days in the midst of all the families I talk with, presentations I give and people I pray for I am bombarded with images of my sweet baby.  It hits me so hard that I am one of those with a story too.  I am one who is desperately missing my Pearl.  Crazy to think it has been 2 years and it doesn't take much for the images to come racing through my head and heart and knock me to the floor. 

Oh, there is so much hope in the air as well.  Families all over the nation are finding there is hope when faced with such a heartbreaking situation.  The community is discovering ways to help hurting families...just listening and never forgetting.  I continue to be humbled everyday how God is using one little baby, born with a funny nose and the prettiest lips you have ever seen.  I am amazed and confident that He will do more than I could ever ask or imagine.  

It's 70 degrees here little Z said to me, "See mom, I told you it's summer!"  I am off to go swing outside and laugh loud with my kids.  


Shannon said...

You are so amazing Laura. Thanks for giving so much of yourself. You are Pearl's mommy and she is so very proud of you!

Swing and laugh my friend.

Love you.

Corie said...

I certeinly can't wait to meet Pearl when I get there! We talk of her often at our home. Thank you for loving so well. Hope you enjoyed the swings...I know you did. Praying for all the details of String of Pearls. I know God is doing a mighty work and protecting so many babies. Love you lots.

boltefamily said...

I am so very thankful for sweet Pearl and for you Laura! Enjoy swinging and laughing! We are having a heat wave here it is a balmy 21 degrees! No swinging for this family!

Emily said...

Laura, you are such a blessing. You love and honor your Pearl well. The Lord's hand in putting the two of you beautiful ladies together is so clear. I know Miller Grace adores little Pearl and I can't wait to meet her, too. :)

Carly said...

And what a beautiful story you have and are telling Laura. You are a blessing to this world.

Love love love to you


karina said...

Laura (((((hugs)))))

Your sweet Pearl has changed the course of history for SO many, in such a positive way because she changed you. I will never forget Pearl just as I won't forget Mason. I hope I have the opportunity in heaven to thank them both for the amazing ways that their lives changed mine.

Do you still have my number? I would really like to volunteer w/ SOP. Maybe we could have a playdate to start with.

blessings, Karina

beckley said...

i come to you from cora paige's blog site where I saw you just commented. i do not know them; I have been praying for them and watching comments as they go up. I keep praying for them as people offer well-intended statements, but painful ones to a person in crisis. As a pastor, I fear these statements.
I saw your loving offering of Grace and Peace, and had to stop by your blog. It is my opinion that this is the best offering one can extend to another.
I have now read about your sweet Pearl and your family's beautiful (incomparable) value of life in spite of pain. I offer you Grace and Peace, and some tears beside you in your pain.
From one sister to another, grace and peace to you. Grace and peace to you.

Christine said...

Hi. Just happened across your blog and wanted to say hi. Keep up the great work being the encouraging prayer warrior that you are! Blessings!