Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Introducing Lucy Jean

She's here....so much to write about and so much swirling around in my head. We are floating....so in love and thankful beyond words for the gift that has been given to us. Lucy Jean arrived at 1:30am on June 28th. A 6 1/2 hour labor with no epidural and 3 pushes....every second of the pain was so worth it. I needed to feel something physical for all of the months of pain that have been in my heart the past 18 months. We were so surprised that she was a girl....3 girls in a row we have! A pink little baby girl with a head full of black hair. Pearl was our only baby born with hair and hers was dark too! Just an extra gift from God that Lucy would have her sisters dark hair. I don't think we have stopped smiling and sometimes there are tears with the smiles too. Our family has changed so much...the joy as well as the peace are tangible. Roark is a different boy...the relief is something you can see on his face. Oliver is so in love and prays the sweetest prayers for her. Zoe is the doting big sister and Josh is a very proud father. We are so thankful.....there will be more words eventually but for now only one word....HOPE.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Im so glad to see a picture! We are so glad for your family and cant wait to meet little Lucy! lots of love, the Haugens

Sophie said...

She's beautiful, of course. You better let me hold her soon- It's been DAYS!!!!
Love you

Beth said...

Congratulations Laura! She is beautiful!!

Myrna said...

Your baby is precious!

I'm trying to drop in on everyone who signed up for the Fall Bible Study Giveaway. Thank you for participating. I'm sorry I didn't have a book for everyone!

We will start the study next week. I plan a preview post this Wednesday.

Hope you will join us in the study!