Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The party continues!

Just a few pictures! Silly kids....never a dull moment here! Josh and I were able to get away to San Fransisco ALONE for a few days last month.
Here we are on the Golden Gate Bridge. What a great time we had!


AnnaLiza said...

yay! a break and a visit to SF! you have a beautiful family! don't we all need that break once and a while.

The MacMurchy Fam said...

Laura Jean and Josh - SO thankful you two could get away by yourselves. So thankful...how beautiful you are. When did Josh get the braces? I blew up the pic to see olive yuz up close and personal, and there they were. What up?
LJ - We had Joy's wedding shower yesterday. Too fun!! I thot of you. Wish you were there...